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TV channel "Moscow 24" - In the Dark?!

The program "Moscow and surroundings" is a small one-day holiday trip to the most interesting and favorite recreation places for the Muscovites. TV hosts will not only show where you can spend a family weekend, but they will also tell the historical and out-of-ordinary life facts about a particular object and they will even participate in many entertainment activities.

In the Dark?! - Moscow

The idea of visiting “In the Dark?!” restaurant seems, at least, unusual to many people at first. There is hardly a person who remains completely indifferent to such a proposal. But if you give this thought a little more attention and do not confine yourself to the information presented on the official website of the restaurant “In the Dark?!”, in the long run you will get something like…

Comedy Woman – “In the Dark?!” Restaurant

The entertaining show, in which the notorious female logic turns out to be very useful. Girls with outstanding humor and no less outstanding forms will not let you get bored even if you are the most ingrained snob and will let laugh even the utter chauvinist. Comedy Woman: Season 7, Episode 9