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The idea of visiting “In the Dark?!” restaurant seems, at least, unusual to many people at first. There is hardly a person who remains completely indifferent to such a proposal. The range of attitude to this "adventure" varies from youthful-enthusiastic ("Wow, it’s fun!") to a negative-skeptical ("Well, I can turn off the light in the kitchen and eat!" Why do I have to go somewhere? ").ine lustige Attraktion!") zu einem negativ-skeptischen ("ich kann einfach das Licht in der Küche ausmachen und das wars! Warum muss ich irgendwohin gehen?")

But if you give this thought a little more attention and do not confine yourself to the information presented on the official website of the restaurant "In the Dark?!", in the long run you get something like: "There is some sense in it..."

Staying in pitch darkness, being hosted and served by a visually impaired waiter will change your perspective of the world by inverting your point of view. It is a sensory experience that awakens your senses and enables you to completely re-evaluate your perception of taste and smell.

According to various sources, a person receives up to 80% of information with the help of vision. So the other senses (hearing, smell, sense of touch and taste) work on a residual principle. If you give your eyesight a chance to relax and stop determining the perception of the surrounding space by a person, the remaining feelings become more acute. A person, of course, does not start to hear better, but he begins to pay more attention to what he hears. But it must be pitch darkness. Only in this case the brain stops trying to strain the eyesight and return to the usual - seeing - state.

Some researchers believe that being in the dark has a therapeutic effect. A number of medical scientists, conducting clinical tests of the cancer problem, came to the conclusion that darkness (or, more precisely, its absence) can influence the development of cancer cells. It is even believed that at the initial stage of the disease, cancer cells die in pitch darkness.

At the same time, staying in a dark room in a comfortable environment (many people around, tasty food, pleasant music) can have a beneficial effect on people who are afraid of the dark (nyctophobia). Some psychologists claim that two hours of being in total darkness can be compared with the one of two days’ full-fledged rest.

From a psychological point of view, a visit to the restaurant "In the Darkness?!" is a kind of vaccination against stress.

Common sense suggests that overestimating all these "medical facts" is not very justified, but it is not entirely prudent to ignore them. I must say that the practice of the restaurant "In the Darkness?!" is rich in extremely interesting situations, confirming the beneficial influence of darkness on the psychological and emotional state of a person (although, perhaps, it is owing to great cookery?).

One who can see, staying in pitch darkness, as a rule, at first feels discomfort. Many guests need more waiters’ attention in order to overcome the fear of the dark. In some cases when the tension is too high and people, making an effort, refuse to visit the dark restaurant (strong people, trying to overcome their fear of the dark, return to the restaurant for the second and third time).

Nevertheless, the vast majority of guests successfully copes with the initial stress and perfectly adapts to the surrounding darkness.

The pleasure of overcoming one's fears also plays a positive role.

Then comes the period of emotional and psychological relaxation: the visitor of the dark restaurant exhales with relief and experiences an emotional uplift from the fact that “the devil is not so black as it is painted”.

They say that in such situation, people are much more psychologically open (some scientists even mention the number of 30%): either because of the stress situation in which the person initially found himself, or because of the state of psychological relaxation that it (stress) has changed.

Dining “In the Dark?!”

First you do not know what dishes you will eat. This allows you to re-learn the taste of many products, because in the dark all the sensations change unpredictably. Darkness erases the usual sense of taste.

More than a restaurant

The staff of the dark hall are young, modern guys and girls, who create a feeling of comfort and coziness, mostly totally blind. They help you to settle in the dark, and you, while visiting the restaurant, help them to adapt in society and lead a decent life.


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