Dark Hall

Surprise Menus

White Surprise Menu

Fish dishes, seafood, poultry and meat.

Red Surprise Menu

Poultry and meat dishes, excluding fish and seafood.

Blue Surprise Menu

Fish and seafood dishes, excluding meat.

Green Surprise Menu

Includes only vegetarian dishes.

Other menu options can be added during the sitting

Surprise Menus

Any of the four menu options for your choice: white, red, blue, green,

appetizer, hot dish, dessert 2650 rub.
appetizer and hot dish 2200 rub.
hot dish and dessert 2200 rub.
appetizer and dessert 1800 rub.

VIP Surprise Menu

white, red, blue, green, - 4200 rub.

Each menu includes:

Appetizer, hot dish, dessert, one alcoholic drink, one soft drink and a cup of tea or coffee for your choice

Total the bill includes 10% waiters’ reward, the payment at your pleasure..

Dining “In the Dark?!”

First you do not know what dishes you will eat. This allows you to re-learn the taste of many products, because in the dark all the sensations change unpredictably. Darkness erases the usual sense of taste.


An easy way to book a table in our restaurant.

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