Opening times and rules

Our restaurant has all conditions to leave a positive impression: fine cuisine, excellent wine and cocktail cards, attentive and sociable waiters. At the same time, there are a number of rules that must be followed so that Your visit to an "exotic restaurant" does not turn into an excess or a spoiled mood. Observation of these rules does not present special difficulties for the vast majority of guests of the restaurant "In the Darkness?!", however, it is necessary to warn about them.

  • Entering the restaurant you must leave all thigs that emit light (mobile phones, watches, lighters, etc.) in the special individual lockers.

The fact is that there must be pitch darkness in the hall, so any glowing object will immediately attract the attention of all guests and spoil the effect. In addition, it is recommended to leave glasses, bags and other accessories in the individual lockers too. It will not distract You and You will be able to concentrate on new sensations, and, secondly, You will not forget anything at the table.

  • Guests of the dark hall are prohibited from standing up on their own and moving around the hall.

This strange, at first glance, ban is determined by several pragmatic considerations. First of all, people who are not used to independent movements in the darkness with a high probability will get lost. It is very difficult to return to your place without the help of the waiters, and your noisy attempt to do this will attract the attention of other guests. Secondly, the waiters (people who bring food and drinks to guests) also do not see the guest who is not at his place.

  • Do not put obstacles in waiters’ work.

 It happens that guests try to make sure that the waiters who serve them do not really see them. The most obvious way to verify this is to create unexpected obstacles to the waiter's work and observe the reaction. This can lead not only to minor incidents, but also to irritation of employees: no person will like if someone interferes his work.

Much more simple and reliable way to get answers to your questions is to choose the moment and ask the waiters (as tactful, as it is possible). Thoughtful attention to problems caused by lack of sight does not offend a blind person, but, on the contrary, stimulates to a meaningful and truthful conversation.

Thoughtful attention to the problems caused by lack of sight does not offend a blind person, but, on the contrary, stimulates to a meaningful and truthful conversation.

  • It is not recommended to perform eccentric deeds that would not have come to your mind in the light.

It’s clear that darkness liberates, and pitch darkness can liberate totally...  But at the same time, visiting a dark hall it is useful to keep in mind two points: there are other people around you; darkness is not an insurmountable obstacle to observing the hall.

The restaurant works every day
starting at 15 o’clock.

Sittings in the dark hall

Everyday timetable
15:00, 17:00, 19:00, 21:30, 23:00

The experience in the dark room lasts about one hour and 45 minutes. Then You can move to the illuminated hall.

Dining “In the Dark?!”

First you do not know what dishes you will eat. This allows you to re-learn the taste of many products, because in the dark all the sensations change unpredictably. Darkness erases the usual sense of taste.


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